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great finds...

Great Find!!!
Thread Cutterz . . . For Fireline & Thread

Some of you may have come across these at sewing shows, and at Bead and Button a few years back, but they've come along with new styles that really work for us beaders! They wer originally fishing line cutters, so they have an incredible blade that holds it's edge for a long time. The blade is completely enclosed so you won't have it taken away by TSA!


The RING comes in multiple colors, Pink, Black and Orange. The FLAT MOUNT comes in Purple and Black, and my favorite the ZIPPER PULL is only in Black.
The Ring makes a great thread keeper or to wear, the Flat Mount is great to put right on your beading board!

RING........................... $12
1 Black Left
FLAT MOUNT.............. $12
Purple or Black
ZIPPER PULL ............. $14

Black Only

Charging Cord &
Double USB Wall Plug

$10.00 for the Set

These are great for your headphones, kindles, etc. that need a USB to MICRO USB charging cord, this is not for Apple or the new speed C chargers that a lot of new Androids use. It's for the older Android phones and other electronic devices.

I love the 9 foot length to reach pretty much anywehre I'm sitting. If you don't need it that long, leave it coiled up and tied with the twisty that comes with it! You can always shorten it, but you can't lengthen a cord!


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