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August 28, 2018



August 18 - 23, 2019

Call to reserve your space early!
Only 12 spaces - 6 Already reserved!

Returning to the Tetons! An amazing place to get your creativity flowing! The studio is nestled in the valley at the base of the Tetons surrounded by the Carribou Mountain range we're surrounded by beauty! Don't wait too long to reserve your space! This is a busy time of year in the valley. Music and Art Festivals plus the Yellowstone & Teton National Parks!

Click here to learn more or to reserve your space!


Kit Closeout Sale!!!
Time to make space for new designs,
Both amulet and bracelet kits available at 25% OFF!!!
Click here to shop the closeouts!


Great Find! Fabulous Task Lighting!
Take it where ever you go to sit and bead, read, knit or stitch!

Found these fabulous lights a quilt show and immediately saw the perfect portable craft/task light! Nothing to break, no replacing bulbs, and light weight.

These lights can be powered via the portable battery packs (in the cell phone accessories aisle) you can purchase for as little as $5 at your local box store, OR, powered by the same USB to Micro USB cord and wall plug that comes with your phone (if its a Samsung or Android, NOT iPhone or the new speed chargers). The 4-LED will run on the inexpensive portable power source for 6-7 hours, pretty amazing, cut that by half for the 8-LED.

Three styles to choose from:

1) 4 LED lights
2) 8 LED lights
3) 4 LED uses 2 AA Batteries
(picture coming)

These lights are full spectrum, giving you a true color and you wear it so that it is angled right over your hands where you're looking, not shining at you or in front of you putting your beads in the shadow under your hands, or trying to find a place to set your light without it getting in the way.

I find the eight elements to be a bit much and will use your battery power up a little quicker, but if you need the extra light, there's no comparison. No more leaning forward over and over again to get your hands under the light to see what you're doing, saving your back!


As you can see from the picture (above right), the 4 LED and 8 LED USB are just a stick light on a cord. To use them you will need to make a holder for the light. If you do wire work, it's easy to make your own light holder to either wear, stand on it's own.

I have one pre-shaped available for just $5 in Dark Blue, Copper or Silver (shown left). It has a flat spiral to attach to the back of the light, you'll run the wire over and under the curved neck to give it structure, and then through the center loops. It's got loops in the corners to attach a necklace to, make it removeable so you can use the light multiple ways.

The sample to the right is shows the necklace and counter balance weight added. Click on the image for an enlarged view to see how I did it.

By making both the necklace and the counter balance removeable. You can now slide the wire into the back of a book and you have a fabulous book light!

Light Options    
4-LED USB $20.00
8-LED USB $30.00
4-LED - AA Battery $30.00
Wire Holder - (for 4 & 8-LED USB lights) $ 5.00
Got Light Kit - (Light sold separately)
Colors: Blue (shown above), Earthtones, Black/Silver/Frost, Purple & Frost
USB to Micro USB Power Cord Only - 9ft. Long $ 6.00
Dual USB Wall Plug $ 6.00

9ft. USB to Micro USB Cord & Dual USB Wall Charger


The 4 or 8 LED USB Light needs a power source!
Whether you use it plugged into the wall or on a portable battery pack. They do not come with the standard USB to Micro USB cord or wall plug. This saves you $15 off what the manufacturing cost of adding them to the light would have been. Most of us already have extra phone power cords and wall plugs around. And many of us have the extra battery packs for our phones. These lights use the older Android and Samsung phone cords, NOT the new speed charger or iPhone power cords. They are available above.

Upcoming Shows... Check out the new 2018 Show Schedule, lots of great shows and I'm travelling to many stores all over the country.See if I'll be near you! Come on in for a class with me and to see all the beadwork in person.


Travelling Bead Boards
All boards include binder clips to hold on lid. If you have problems with your hands, you can also pick up the self sticking velcro straps and use at least two straps, one for the length and width to hold it shut.

TBB-1 Original - 36 Spaces
7-1/2" W x 9" L x 1" H
$35 ...

My favorite still. The smaller spaces actually make it easier control your beads.

TBB-2 Designer - 32 Spaces
7-1/2" W x 9" L x 1" H
$35 ...

This combination is for seed beaders and stringers using larger crystals, pearls.

TBB-3 Mini - 19 Spaces
4-1/4" W x 7-1/2" L x 1" H
$25 ...

Perfect to tuck into your purse and
take a project along.

Spaces are filling, Great Promo going on!
Reserve Your Space Today!

March 19 - April 3, 2019

Holland America - MS Volendam

We are travelling EAST TO WEST this time! This time we GAIN time as we travel through the canal versus losing it! Only one sailing is going East to West. Different stops from the last bead cruise, three new ports so if you came along last time, you will have new locations to explore this time! Get away from the cold and rain, travel to where it's warm! Click here to see more details.

We have fabulous pricing for this cruise I don't have control over the cruise price, as it gets closer to the sailing date and the ship is filling, they take back our group rate! So if you are fairly serious about wanting to go, at least place your deposit for the cruise to lock in your cabin price. It's 100% REFUNDABLE until the final payment date next year. So you have nothing to lose except the great pricing by waiting.

Now is the time to reserve your cabin. Verandahs and balconies book quickly even this far out. Your deposit is 100% refundable until the final payment date (Dec. 2018), but you will be assured the cabin you want if you reserve it now! Click here to view the Holland America itinerary.

Click here to see current class choices. NOTE: there will be many new classes added before final choices need to be made for this cruise. What's shown is for the current year's cruise.

You don't have to be a beader to come along, any person who is into hand crafts, knitting, embroidery, hand quilting etc. is more than welcome to come along as an Artisan Companion, or if you have a bunch of UFO bead projects, bring them along instead of purchasing the Beaders Package. You'll still receive the group discount off the cruise price, a fun goodie bag and included in all the group activities. For the non crafter companions, there is no additional fees other than your cruise price.


July 2020 Date TBA

24 Beading Spaces
Click Here for more information

Start planning for 2020. The dates haven't been released yet but as soon as they are I will post them. The earlier you reserve your space the better the price. Your deposit is 100% Refundable up until the final payment date which is about two months before the cruise, so if you are even semi-serious, place your deposit for your cabin to hold cruise price! It's affordable if you start saving now, about $150 month will pay for your cruise (depending on cabin), flight, beader's package and some excursions!

Looking into the Land and Sea Cruise which is 11 days, not sure which will be selected, need to talk to my agent. So we may be flying one way into Alaska and back from Vancouver, BC, or we may be doing a round trip from Seattle. Checking out all the options! The dates haven't been released yet, so there's time.

There are so many fabulous places to see and explore if you've never been to this part of the country. Just voted #1 for places to visit by the Lonely Planet Guide! Plan on coming in two days early to take advantage of the pre-cruise excursion!

Pre-cruise Excursion: Explore Pike Place Market and the Waterfront then Chihuli Glass Exhibit and Garden at the Seattle Center and dinner at one of the local favorites.

We will have THREE FULL DAYS of beading while at sea, PLUS plenty of open session beading when you're done with the shore excursions. We seemed to always have someone in the Hudson Room beading unless it was reserved for another group. Remember, these are very relaxed open session type classes. Start whichever project peaks your interest, switch between them. Come and go as you want.

Take advantage of all the other great shipboard activities. You are not "trapped" in class! This is supposedto be fun! Bead as much as you can take and then take a break!


Interested in Beading & Art Retreats?

I'll be planning more mini art and beading retreats summer 2016 in the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington State. To find out more click here or sign up for my beading retreat newsletter.

The mini Art Retreats will be open sessions. Enjoy working inside or outside overlooking Padilla Bay. You can learn anything I have kitted in my studio or pulled from my HUGE bead stash, OR you can bring a beading project you've needed help with! There will be beading, applique quilt designs, and who knows what else available by then for you to explore and create!

Having Fun with Applique
Art Quilt Designs!

I have new ones on the drawing board and samples on the way. Click here to see the quilt designs. If you have a pattern idea e-mail it to me. If you want your fluffy buddy imortalized in fabric, I do custom designs, .75 cents per sq. inch., portrait with placement and color code chart. If it's one I'd like to use as a design for retail and it's okay with you, you will recieve the pattern for FREE! Just e-mail me several pictures of your furry friend close up and in action, and his/her name and a little about them. It helps me capture more of their personality.

Join me on Facebook!
I've been posting new pictures of designs and I'll be blogging a little on my travels as I get on the road. Just search my name "Amy Loh Kupser" in Facebook and send me a Friend Request!

Private Teaching...
As I travel cross country, if I'm passing through or fairly close to your town I offer private classes. Minimum students 4 and I need a place to park my RV, and 110v power for free, in front of your house works just fine! I don't charge for my travel or stay, since I was coming through anyway. Contact me in advance to find out if I'll be anywhere by you, or look at my schedule and you can sort of figure out where I'll be and around what dates. Click here to see what classes are available and the prices.

Classes at Shows
Keep checking or sign-up for my e-mail newsletter to be the first to know where I'll be and to get free tickets (not all shows give us tickets though but I'll post when I have them and for which ones)! Plus new classes to be added at the trunk shows and crafting shows.


2 0 1 8   C A L E N D A R   O F   E V E N T S
September 27 - 29
NW Quilting Expo
Portland Expo Center
Portland, OR
October 3 - 6 - CANCELLED
Sandy's Fabric & Machines
- Kennewick, WA
Sorry, they forgot to put me on the
schedule and have another event planned.
October 5 - 6
Trunk Show & Classes - Marion's House!!!
E-mail me if you'd like to come and bead!
Elk Grove, CA
October 11 - 14
Pacific International Quilt Festival
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA

October 18 - 20
Trunk Show & Classes
Just Because Bead Boutique

Temple, TX

October 24 - 27
New Location!!! Trunk Show & Classes
The Bead Studio, LLC

812 Henderson St., Rockport, TX :: 361.450.1400
November 8 - 11
International Quilt Festival
George R Brown Convention Center
Houston, TX
November 15 - 17
Rusty Barn - Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festivals
Make and take classes in the booth!
Come early to reserve your space!

Tucson Expo Center, Tucson, AZ
2 0 1 9   C A L E N D A R   O F   E V E N T S
January 24 - 27
Road 2 California Quilt Show
Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA
January 31 - February 2
Rusty Barn - Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festivals
Arizona State Fairgrounds, Phoenix, AZ
February 4
Sun City Trunk Show & Class
Sun City, AZ
February 6 - 9 - Trunk Show & Classes
Creative Destinations

1660 S. Alma School Rd, Mesa, AZ
February 14 - 17 - Trunk Show & Class
Piecemakers Country Store
Call to reserve your class space . . . 714-641-3112
Costa Mesa, AZ
February 28 - March 3
Sew & Stitchery Expo
Washington State Fairgrounds - Showplex
Puyallup, WA
NEW SHOW!!! --- March 15 - 17
Quilters Anonymous Quilt Show

Evergreen State Fairgrounds
Monroe, WA

NEW DATE . . . March 19 - April 3, 2019
15-Day Panama Canal Bead Cruise

Holland America ::: ms Volendam

Click on the link above for more information or e-mail or call 360.271.1410.
There is a max of 24 beaders. So don't miss out, even if you're only mostly sure,
book now for the best pricing, your deposit is 100% refundable up to the final
payment date of Dec. 15, 2018!

April 27 - 28
Rocky Mountain Bead Bazaar
Denver Merchandise Mart
Denver, CO
May 1 - 4
Trunk Show Location & Classes TBA
May 8 - 9 :: Lecture & Class
Golden Needle Quilt Guild
Lecture: Friendship Center @ CandyCane Park
Class: Quilters Quarters - 3500 W Davis, #270
Conroe, TX
May 14 - 18
Trunk Show Location & Classes TBA
May 21, 23 - 25 :: Trunk Show & Classes
Wild Beads
2833 Galleria Drive, Arlington, TX
May 29 - June 1
Trunk Show Location & Classes TBA
June 2 - 9
Bead & Button Show
Milwaukee, WI
June 13 - 15
Minnesota Quilt Guild
Rochester, MN
Check back for updates and new Trunk Show & Classes that will be added throughout the year!

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