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FREE "Zoom with Amy"
Come and get creative! I'll be hosting these FREE Zoom sessions covering everything from creating a design to color choices, drawing an applique design, tips, techniques and show and tell session! Drop in for a few minutes, or for the time. You don't have to share video if you don't want to, come and expand your creativity and join others who love to create too!

All meetings will start 30 minutes prior to posted time to give you a chance to log-in and work out any problems and visit with each other. You must have a Zoom account. Most of the Zoom meetings will not be recorded, if there is a project or specific technique taught, I will be making a separate video that will be posted here or on YouTube or Vimeo that you can go back to view and share. Sign-Up for future Zoom Events and Class Schedule.

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"Studio Tour & Stash Sale!"
Sunday, February 7th - 12 noon - ?pm MST

Zoom Meeting ID: 972 3517 6736 ............ Passcode: 858944
Curious about my creative space? Welcome to my studio! It's a little crazy but a fun space, and I'm not shy about color! This is also where I host my summer Teton Bead Retreat, so get a chance to see it in the winter, but also the inside class space which gets very creative. I'll also be pulling out some of my "stash". Some unique resin beads that mimic sea glass but are much lighter, vintage beads, buttons, sterling silver spacers, clasps, and more that don't fit with what I'm designing anymore so you'll get a chance to pick some up at bargin prices.

"Draw Your Own Bead Embroidery or Applique Design!"
Sunday, February 21st - 12 noon - 3pm MST

Zoom Meeting ID: 973 0038 9559 ............ Passcode: 725113
Learn how to draw a simple design to use for a bead embroidery piece or applique design. It can be a simple abstract, landscape or your favorite pet! We will be working in an 6" x 6" square, it can be reduced or enlarged from there to your desired size. I will explain how to use it for either art form. SUPPLIES NEEDED: Tracing Paper at least 9" x 12" pad. Pencil, Eraser, Fine Tip Sharpie, 12" Ruler. Optional: Photo inspiration enlarged or reduced to fit in an 6" x 6" space.


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Quick Paracord Tutorial - Cobra Braid

Learn this handy technique to make your own bold bracelet, dog collar or strap for carrying stuff out of Paracord.


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