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This fun chatelaine grew and grew, and now it's truly a "Beaders Entourage!"

The complete beaders tool kit. The basic tools all beaders need in their craft rooms.

Now you can have them all on display both a practical organizing method and a work of art!I hang this on my wall from two push pins.

You get 10 patterns in all, Tape Measure, Thimble Catcher, Scissor Snips Sheath, Thread Heaven Box, Embroidery Scissor Case, Long and Short Needle Cases, Thread Holder, Hanger and a Necklace design that can be used for any of the components. Scroll down to see all the fun projects!

Beader's Chatelaine Book ... $24.95  

Tape Measure

You have to measure your projects to make sure of the correct fit, so every beader needs a tape measure sometime!

Thread Heaven

Thread Heaven is useful with Fireline and Nymo thread. Plus I just love the shape of this little box. I have a soft spot for boxes!

Kits do NOT include needle and thread since most beaders already have them.
If you need them you can order them on the supplies page.

IMPORTANT . . . Please Read Before Ordering!!!

PATTERN BOOK - Patterns for all the amulet designs as shown

COMPLETE KIT ... includes:
Pattern, Delicas (are kitted by weight with extra for spillage) and fringe/necklace beads, and any components used for that shape, e.g. Thread Heaven, Embroidery Scissors, Tape Measure, Snips Scissors, Long AND Short Needle Cases, and the 12 Guage Wire and Pattern Book in the Complete Collection Kit.

Beader's Chatelaine
Complete Kit


Thread Holder

There's always space for one more container!
This will hold a small spool of Silamide or several spools of Nymo. Or, whatever gadget or bit you need to keep track of.

Thimble Catcher

I always use a thimble now when I bead, it saves a sore finger for all the hours that I bead at a time.

This also makes a cute little container for anything you can think of!

Needle Case

With all the different types of needles, short and long needle cases come in handy.

Long Needle Case

We all need someplace to store all our needles.

I actually have several of these, one for each of the different size needles that I use!


Embroidery Scissor Case

This fun design is perfect for your special 3.5" embroidery scissors. Accented with a lot of fun frills and a splash of fringe.






Scissor Snips Sheath

Snips are the perfect cutting tool
for Fireline, extremely durable
unlike good embroidery scissors
and just as good cutting beading

Now you can have a lovely
cover to hold them in.

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